Episode 2: What is Trench Media?

This Trench Media Podcast represents a snapshot of the people and motivations that are driving this site. Featured in this session are visual storyteller and videographer, Justin Snyder of Mendx Studios, as well as Chief Growth Hacker at SMA Marketing, Ryan Shelley and co-founder of Trench Media, Jenna Buehler.

If you’re wondering why a high tech podcast is coming out of Florida, it may surprise you that we have rockets launching in our backyard and we’re located in the fifth largest high tech region in the United States.

Motivated by the unknown, we navigate uncharted high tech territory

Shelley says he moved here nearly two decades ago and is surprised that many people assume creatives and technologists reside in two separate camps. He says his role at Trench Media is to break down all that nonsense.

“It’s an exciting space to be in today,” Shelley said. “Our job is to develop a vocabulary for a value proposition that’s just around t​he corner, but not well-understood because it’s so fresh.”

We foster collaborations at the intersection of art and tech

The domain experts we typically work with are flying all over the globe because their skillet is irrelevant to people who are resistant to change. At Trench, we help commercial and defense industries keep up and efficiently navigate the industry’s grey areas.

“The people we interview are often so saturated in the tech space that it takes an authentic narrative to develop a connection and meet industries, people and entrepreneurs where they’re at today so that they can effectively co-create a vision for tomorrow.”

Re-establishing credibility and trust in tech reporting

Buzz words aren’t solutions. The result is that people invest money into short term fixes that don’t solve their problems and people like us lose trust and credibility.

Trench media aims to expose what is really happening. Our team has worked with a number of big data tools that — we now know — could honestly be done by using open source software. We want to expose people to things they wouldn’t have otherwise known.

Creatives done nothing but saturate the market with crappy, inaccurate throwaway terms,” Shelley said, adding that technologists have built an anti-marketers wall as a result. “What’s next? We’re going to put dynamite at that wall and fuse creativity and technology.”

Justin Snyder added that it’s a long-game play and that what is produced today will inevitably be outdated in the span of a year.

“We’re growing with it. Half of what we’re covering is outdated. The is about continual growth. As the tech world grows, we grow with and move with it.”

All feedback and story ideas welcome @gettrenched on twitter or email jenna@trenchmedia.co

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