Global Data User Group launches in Space Coast, FL

Imagine if you could save high tech companies time (years) and money (millions) by understanding how data management best practices change at any given moment

Data User Group (DUG) Talks connect subject-matter experts across the globe with enterprises who seek to build better requirements and generate value from their data today. These free online talks serve to debunk the myths behind pervasive one-size-fits-all data support services as part of an online DUG Talk series.

Each session will explore how it is that Fortune 500 companies and government agencies are leveraging open source projects to cut licensing fees by more than 80 percent and get products to market within a few short months, rather than years.

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Founder of the series, Daryl Heinz, says he aims to mobilize a grassroots movement of people who want to grow their subject-matter expertise and develop the highest performing, cutting-edge data solution for any use case.He adds that each talk will look beyond the buzzwords of big data, IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning to repurpose existing open source solutions and apply them to specific enterprise use cases.
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